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Ohio Legislature Bans Rights of Nature Enforcement

“When peoples’ movements work to expand rights, we see legislative efforts to stop them,” says the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund’s (CELDF) organizer Tish O’Dell. “It is a pattern that has been repeated over and over. In recent years when LGBTQ+ marriage equality was gaining momentum, reactionary states began to ban it. Today, it is the Ohio legislature, desperate to stop another expansion of rights. This won’t work either. The Ohio legislature is on the wrong side of history – the Rights of Nature train has already left the station.”

Lake Erie Bill of Rights

Citizens Recognize the Lake Erie Bill of Rights as the Will of the People Jun 27, 2019 Citizens of Toledo, Ohio will be filing a Pro Se Complaint to validate the Lake Erie Bill of Rights at the Lucas County Courthouse, 10 a.m. As citizens of the City of Toledo,...

Lincoln County passes bill of rights for the Siletz Watershed

Tired of being told they can’t say NO to harmful aerial spraying of poisonous herbicides and pesticides the citizens of Lincoln County voted to grant the Siletz Watershed personhood. Since it”s adoption in 2017 no harmful aerial spraying has occured in Lincoln County

Grant Funding for Dignified Solutions

Coos Commons Protection Council (CCPC) is pleased to announce the Negley Flinn Charitable Foundation has provided $20,000 “to provide dignified services based on compassion, equity and respect to disenfranchised Coos County residents so that they may access individual and community services to meet their basic human needs so that they may live a healthier and more productive lives.”

We won’t stop Jordan Cove unless and until

Hope is a longing for a future condition over which you have no agency. It means you are essentially powerless. - Derrick Jensen In the 56 years since the publication of Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring one thing remains constant to this day. Our existing system of law...

Rights of Nature

…the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, and similar state laws – legalize environmental harms by regulating how much pollution or destruction of nature can occur under law. Rather than preventing pollution and environmental destruction, our environmental laws instead codify it. In addition, under commonly understood terms of preemption, once these activities are legalized by federal or state governments, local governments are prohibited from banning them.

Sustainable Agriculture

There is an immense governmental system that props up unsustainable food production at the expense of our communities. Agribusiness corporations use their “rights” under the law to prevent us from rejecting the damage offered up by conventional, large scale farming operations and mandating the type of agriculture that feeds our communities.


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