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Coos Commons Protection Council

Jordan Cove Energy Partners’ Canadian owners spent almost $1 million to defeat a local measure for a sustainable energy future that would have halted the proposed LNG export terminal. If built, Jordan Cove and the associated 224 mile pipeline will become the single large greenhouse gas emitter in the entire state of Oregon.

Coos Commons continues to advocate for the rights of nature and is also partnering with Bittin Duggan of Growing Through It to provide direct outreach to the county’s homeless population who find it difficult to access public services.



Our Mission & Approach

Coos Commons works to elevate the fundamental rights of people and their communities to clean air, water, a healthy climate and a sustainable future, a living wage and a living wage and the right of nature to thrive, flourish and naturally evolve above corporate privilege and harmful industrial development.

Taking advantage of Oregon’s citizen initiative process CCPC uses education, working with local elected bodies and direct democracy to enact local ordinances that protect citizens to higher standards than state and federal regulatory agencies.