Tired of being told they can’t say NO to harmful aerial spraying of poisonous herbicides and pesticides the citizens of Lincoln County voted to grant the Siletz Watershed personhood. Since it”s adoption in 2017 no harmful aerial spraying has occured in Lincoln County

Corporations and Pesticides

The timber industry grows monoculture tree farms to sell as raw logs to China. Chemical companies sell the timber companies or the applicator companies that work for them pesticides that are sprayed aerially on young trees to kill all other trees that naturally make up a forest, but which the timber companies don’t want in their monocultures.   Pesticides drift in air, in soil and water run-off.  Wildlife eats plants that have absorbed pesticides. We eat wildlife that has absorbed pesticides and drink water that carries pesticides in it, and absorb pesticides that drift in air, and come down on us with rain.  Our environment, our ecosystems, our bodies are loaded with pesticides.

We are forced to live in a toxic environment which in the long run makes us sick, so that the market for which timber and chemical corporations produce can be kept alive and thriving. Why is it that corporations are allowed to engage with impunity in practices that are harmful to people and ecosystems?

Who do we appeal to in order to clean up our environment from this toxic assault and to free ourselves from the tyranny of corporations?  We cannot appeal to the state, because the state regulates to protect the business of the timber and chemical corporations, not our safety. States in our country have passed laws pre-empting communities from making decisions on the use of pesticides.  We cannot appeal to the EPA because the EPA also regulates to protect corporations, not our safety. In fact, the EPA was originally set up, under Nixon’s government, to be a buffer between the people and industry.



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